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Weiherer Rauch and Bock Beer


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Weiherer Rauch and Bock Beer

The chain stores “Otdochny” continues to please with German novelties. Recently Weiherer beer from Brauerei Kundmüller brewery appeared. Checked my Untappd records and it turns out that I first encountered this beer in Berlin at the festival (unfortunately no longer taking place) “Beer Mile”.

The Kundmüller brewery is located in the small town (or rather village) of Weyer in Upper Franconia, Bavaria. The brewery is labeled “bio” and is committed to an environmentally friendly approach. It’s solar-powered and all that.

Weiherer Rauch (Weyer, Germany) – 5,3/12,7 There is a pleasant smokiness in the flavor. Not smoke, but smokiness. The body is full, malted. In the aftertaste bacon and a light hop. Despite the fact that you can’t drink much Rauchbir (even if you like this style), it’s great to drink and I wouldn’t mind one or two more bottles. Rating of “A”.

Weiherer Bock (Germany, Weier) – 6,6/16,3 Aroma malt, soft, pleasant. Taste full, also malted. In the aftertaste mild bitterness and a little spice. The alcohol is absolutely not felt. Rating “B +”.

In the range of “Otdochny” there are a few more varieties from Weiherer, but the price of 239 rubles stopped me from buying the entire lineup. However, the beer is

Alexandr Idzhon
Weiherer beer

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