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Weltenburger Hell, Pils and Barock Dunkel


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Weltenburger Hell, Pils and Barock Dunkel

The Selgros stores either had a new category manager or a new beer policy. Lately I almost never went there, because the selection of beers was poor and the prices were higher than in Perekrestok, for example. However, I stopped by before the New Year and was pleasantly surprised. The assortment grew and the prices became adequate. I bought all sorts of things, including three different beers from Weltenburger. The price of 160-180 rubles, but worth it!

Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg is considered the oldest working brewery in the world (although the Weihenstephan brewery disputes this). And in principle, it is. In contrast to those who like to attribute a hundred or two years, based on the fact that “the first mention of beer in our city was…”, Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg really existed and exists in the very building in which it was in 1050.

Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg is located in the building of the Benedictine monastery of Weltenburg. The monastery itself was founded even earlier, in 617! This does not mean that beer was brewed in the monastery continuously. The monastery had been abandoned several times because of severe floods in the area. It also didn’t function during the secularization under Napoleon. However, the monks returned and the beer was brewed again.

In 1973, funds were needed to develop the brewery and the monks transferred the rights to the Weltenburger brand to the neighboring Bischofshof Brewery in Regensburg. Now, Weltenburger beer is brewed both in the monastery itself and at the Bischofshof. What is brewed at the monastery is usually sold locally, as the brewery is not very large. Beer from the Bischofshof is exported.

Weltenburger Kloster Hell (Germany, Regensburg) – 4.9/11.6 Aroma is bright, floral and honey. Mild malt flavor. The aftertaste also has floral tones and a light, pleasant, grassy hop. It seems to me, this is exactly what a perfect hop should be. Rating of “A +”.

Weltenburger Pils (Germany, Regensburg) – 4.9/11.7 The aroma is floral and hay. Soft, full, malt flavor. A noticeable bitterness that builds up with each sip. But, it’s not that pungent North German pils with its sulfurous aroma. This is more of a Bavarian pils, softer, but no less pleasant. A- rating.

Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel (Germany, Regensburg) – 4,7/12,5 It is considered a “pearl” in the Weltenburger lineup. Beer repeatedly awarded the World Beer Cup, included in various beer ratings and beer books. The aroma is soft, toffee. The taste is moderately sweet, full. In the aftertaste, too, toffee, Riga bread and a nice subtle bitterness. A lovely dunkel indeed! Rating “A”.


Alexandr Idzhon
Weltenburger beer

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