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Eichbaum Pilsener and Feldschlößchen Maibock


по Djons

Two beers from the mass market – Eichbaum Pilsener and Feldschlößchen Maibock. Eichbaum under different brands has repeatedly appeared in the pages of the blog. Now under its real name. Bought at Globus for 78 rubles. Feldschlößchen does not need much introduction – this beer is available in all stores of the empire “Red and White”. Now Maibock is added to the lineup. The price is 80 rubles.

Eichbaum Pilsener (Germany, Mannheim) – 4.8/10.7 Aroma of malty, weak. Taste is empty, but clean. In the aftertaste quite noticeable grassy hop. I would not say that it is too bitter, but it is no doubt Pilsener. Simple, flat, but pilsener. Can be bought for a change. Rated C+.

Feldschlößchen Maibock (Germany, Dresden) – 7,2/16,4 For the style of Maibock (May side), in Germany there is another term which I have not encountered until now – heller bock. Actually, this name and reflects the essence of the style, as well as its difference from the traditional bock. Maibock (heller bock) is more light. It can also be a little more hoped-for.

In this case, we have this – in the aroma of a bit of caramel (quite acceptable). The taste is full, malty. In the aftertaste really, a light herbaceous note. Alcohol does not stick out, but when you drink it, you understand that the beer is still strong. Not a bad representative of the style and for those who like a “strong”, quite suitable. Rated B-.

Alexandr Idzhon
Feldschlößchen Maibock

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