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Hermann Müller Premium beer


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Hermann Müller Premium beer

I first tasted Hermann Müller beer in Germany back in the early 2000s. Without much interest in the producer, I was sure it was a German beer. However, at that time it could have been. The Hermann Müller brand is brewed by Van Pur in Poland, apparently under contract. Also, there was information that it was (and maybe still is) brewed in Australia.

More detailed information about it I could not find. Most likely, the brand still belongs to a German company and brewed in different factories. At the moment it is in Poland.

Hermann Müller Premium (Poland, Warsaw) – 4/7. How can you digest 7% ENS as much as 4% alcohol! This is practically (and not practical) to zero out everything. In theory, should turn out water-water. But no! Some malt flavor still remained, although the beer, of course, very watery. In the aftertaste you can even notice a little hop. Not much, but it is there. But, overall – absolutely meaningless and watery. Even in the heat I probably would not drink it. On the plus side, the only thing that can be mentioned is that it is absolutely clean. Grade “C-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Hermann Müller Premium beer

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