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Hoegaarden Cherry beer


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Hoegaarden Cherry beer

New from AB InBev Efes – Hoegaarden Cherry beer. Hoegaarden Cherry. Haven’t seen it on sale yet, but it should be by now. Bottled at the end of January. A continuation of the Hoegaarden fruit lineup. Currently available in both regular (classic) and grapefruit. Plus a line of fruity non-alcoholic. Now the cherry one has arrived.

I think it’s a good idea to make a fruit beer on the basis of a blanc. It’s more interesting, full-bodied and full-bodied than a regular fruit beer based on light lager or ale.

Hoegaarden Cherry (Russia, Moscow region, Klin) – 4,5% alk. Aroma of cherry with stone. Taste is soft, full bodied with light acidity. In the aftertaste the same cherry and you can distinguish coriander and cedar notes inherent in the blanc. For a mass market is quite a pleasant fruity beer. No excessive “chemistry”, the taste is refreshing – what more do you need? Rated “B-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Hoegaarden Cherry

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