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Hohenthanner St.Sixtus beer

Yesterday I wrote about a beer from Klosterbrauerei Furth, which for some time was owned by Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei and with which they still maintain a friendly and business relationship. Today is about the St.Sixtus doppelbock from Hohenthanner. For some reason I don’t have many reviews on their beers. I only wrote about Hallertauer Craftbier Grünhopfen, apparently also after the Prodexpo last year.

The Hohenthanner brewery has been owned by the Rauchenecker family since 1864. They also own the Hohenthann Castle, but it is not their “ancestral home”. In 1929, Ludwig Rauchenecker bought the castle, or rather what was left of the castle. He restored it and made it a landmark of the city together with the brewery. In 1972, Klaus Rauchenecker expanded production and moved the brewery to a new building on the other side of the street.

Today the brewery brews a very wide range of beers, not only traditional German beers but also various Kraft beers.

Hohenthanner St.Sixtus (Hohenthann, Germany) – 8/18,9 If you ask what a perfect doppelbock should be, St.Sixtus should probably be on the list of listed brands. The aroma and aftertaste is toffee, caramel. The body is full, dense, pleasantly sweet. In the aftertaste you can also notice a bit of cloves and Moo-Moo candy. Alcohol is reliably hidden, so this beer is great to drink. Rated “A”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Hohenthanner St.Sixtus

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