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Horal 11 beer

Czech Republic

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Horal 11 beer

Horal beer, a perfect example of a private label. Moreover, this STM is not Russian, but specifically Czech. There is a company called Albion Plus that specializes in exporting Czech beer and wine. It owns the Horal brand, which it supplies to various countries (not only Russia). In fact, this is contract production. In addition to the aforementioned brand, they also sell beer under the uncomplicated name of Czesky Pivo in Russia. Where all this is brewed is unknown.

Horal 11 (Czech Republic) – 4.6/11.2 Similar to the mentioned Czesky Pivo. Whether it is one and the same, it is hard to say. We must do a comparative tasting. But judging by my review of Czesky Pivo, there is a difference. However, it could be a beer brewed from the same recipe, but at different breweries. Horal 11 is a pretty clean beer, unlike Czesky.

It is advertised as a “Premium Pilsner”. Some people find no hops or bitterness in it at all. Nevertheless, and hop, grassy aroma and a noticeable bitterness is there. And everything would be fine, but a very empty and watery body. There is no special malt component, not even diacetyl, which makes it buttery and voluminous. Clean, empty, depressing. C rating.

Alexandr Idzhon
Horal 11

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