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Kloster Hell by Klosterbrauerei Furth


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Kloster Hell by Klosterbrauerei Furth

The Klosterbrauerei Furth brewery is located in a picturesque monastery in the town of Furth. As honestly stated on the official website of the brewery – the exact year of its foundation is unknown. It is clear that at monasteries, there have almost always been breweries as an indispensable element of the economy. Therefore, the date of foundation of Klosterbrauerei Furth is considered the date of the first mentioning of beer production in the holy cloister: 1621.

It is most likely that the brewery supplied its products not only to the monastery inhabitants, but also to the surrounding villages. In 1793, beer production was 6000 pails, or 384,600 liters, translated to modern measures. Not a few in those days!

The pivotal year can be considered 1879. The then owner of the manor, Matthäus Freiherr von Hornstein, bought a brewery and expanded it. He also enlarged the malt house and introduced steam engines. The brewery is often rented out.  In 1921 it was rented to the monastery brethren. Later they buy it back.

In 1993 they give up the brewery and it is acquired by Hohenthann Castle, but they do not own it for long and sell it in 1998. It is now owned by FuKeE, which is 100% owned by the municipality of Fürth. Nevertheless, the close cooperation with Hohenthann Castle remains to this day.

Klosterbrauerei Furth Kloster Hell (Germany, Fürth) – 5% alk. Density is not listed anywhere for some reason, but probably around 12.5%. This is a simple, smooth helle. Aroma is as it should be, a little floral. The taste is malty and bready. A little floral in the aftertaste as well. In my opinion, it lacks a little urgency, although you can’t call it watery. Rated “B-“.


Alexandr Idzhon
losterbrauerei Furth Kloster Hell

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