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Königsbacher Schwarzbier


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Königsbacher Schwarzbier

Suddenly I found Königsbacher Schwarzbier beer on the shelf. Why unexpected? Because it was brewed by Bitburger Brauerei, famous primarily for its pale lager (and Königsbacher is a Schwarzbier). Secondly, as can be seen from the description in Untappd, it is discontinued. A closer look turned out to be simpler – at the moment, this brand is brewed at Karlsberg brewery (not to be confused with the Danish Carlsberg). So we are dealing with another private brand.

Königsbacher Schwarzbier (Germany, Homburg) – 4.7/10.85 Aroma of toffee and dried fruit. The taste is dry, but full-bodied. In the aftertaste also felt caramel and very little burnt tones. Although, the beer is claimed as a Schwarzbeer, I would still refer it to dunkels. It lacks a bit of burntness, but there are plenty of caramel tones. This is if you compare it to the benchmark Kostritzer, of course. Otherwise, quite a pleasant beer. Rated “B-“

Alexandr Idzhon
Königsbacher Schwarzbier

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