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Královice Tradiční 10 beer

Czech Republic

по Djons

Královice Tradiční 10 beer

I’ve noticed Královice Tradiční 10 beer on the shelf many times before, but passed it by. And then I decided to refresh myself with a “dessitka”, so I thought I would buy it. I bought it, I took it in my hands and wanted to know who was the producer. And the producer is a secret brewery called Česká pinta. I wrote about their beer two and a half years ago. In reality, there is no such brewery and it was assumed that the Česká pinta brand is brewed in one of the Baltic factories. It is difficult to say where Královice Tradiční 10 is produced. At the production address (Páleč 7) there is an ordinary apartment building.

The design of the can is reminiscent of Krušovice beer. It is not that the design has been changed, but the general style is noticeable. However, it is done well, not in a kolkhozny way.

Královice Tradiční 10 (Czech Republic?) – 4,5/9,8 Watery, with hints of iron aroma. Taste also watery, malty, empty. In the aftertaste very little hop (if the beer were a little denser, it would be unnoticeable at all) and the same light iron.

What can I say? A dessert doesn’t have to be empty and watery. Light, is it? Empty, no. In this case we see a shoddily made beer, which you don’t want to buy a second time, even to quench your thirst. Rating of “C-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Královice Tradiční 10

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