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Memminger Premium and Eggenberg Naturbursch

Austria, Germany

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Memminger Premium and Eggenberg Naturbursch

Beers from the German brewery Memminger and the Austrian brewery Eggenberg have been on my blog many times, but every now and then there are new brews that I haven’t tried. Fresh catches from FoodCity are Memminger Premium and Eggenberg Naturbursch. Both I got for 115 rubles.

Memminger Premium (Memmingen, Germany) – 5,1/11,5 Pils is not the most typical style for Bavaria, although there are decent representatives there too. I would not call Memminger “one of the best” breweries, but one of the largest. Therefore I did not expect much. Nevertheless, we are faced with a very pleasant pils! Floral and honey aroma. The taste is malty and full. Good grassy bitterness in the aftertaste. Rated B+.

Eggenberg Naturbursch (Austria, Vorchdorf) – 4.9/11.75 Bio-Zwickel. I did not quite understand the passage about Naturbursch (if you know German, tell me). The literal translation is “natural boy” or “natural boy”.  The official website states that –

“Nature refreshes more than just boys! The perfect refresher for the first warm days of spring.”

All in all, a spring beer for boys and more :) I wouldn’t classify it as a zwickel, but as an unfiltered pilsner. On the other hand, what is unfiltered beer with Germans and Austrians? That’s right – zwikel (aka kellerbier)! And it doesn’t matter if it’s heavily hopped or not. Here, however, a hoppy, slightly grassy aroma is noticeable. Dry floury flavor. In the aftertaste is a good herbaceous and even astringent bitterness. The yeast is almost not noticeable, although their contribution.

Indeed, a spring, refreshing beer. A- rating.

Alexandr Idzhon
Memminger Premium

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