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Reutberger Aegidius-Trunk and Eichbaum Red Beer


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Reutberger Aegidius-Trunk beer

Not really new today, but a familiar beer from Reutberger and Eichbaum. I hadn’t tried their Aegidius-Trunk and Red Beer respectively, but the other day I came across them and bought them. I wrote about Reutberger here, a search of the site gives a lot of articles about Eichbaum, both bottled under CTM, and under their own brand.

Reutberger Aegidius-Trunk (Germany, Sachsenkam) – 5,3/11,9 Claims kellerbier, but as in the case of Eggenberg Naturbursch, it means only that the beer is not filtered. In terms of style, closer to Viennese. Amber color. Caramel aroma and caramel in the aftertaste. Dense malt body. In the aftertaste you can also note the flowers and a slight bitterness. Well-balanced, drinkable beer. Rated “B +”.

Eichbaum Red Beer (Mannheim, Germany) – 5.9/13 Forgot to take a picture. Red Lager. Despite the rather high alcohol content, easy to drink. Caramel in both taste and aftertaste. In the aroma of a little toffee and flowers. The aftertaste is soft, malty. Rating of “B-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Eichbaum Red Beer

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