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Rodenbach Alexander beer


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Rodenbach Alexander beer

Some of you may remember that I am indifferent to sours, with a few exceptions. Among those exceptions are Flemish ales from the Rodenbach brewery. Rodenbach beers are still available in Russia and are even sold in large chains. As recently as yesterday, I saw it at Perekriostok. The price of course… But today I got a dozen Rodenbach Alexander for a very good price. I won’t tell you how much, so as not to upset the readers.

Rodenbach Alexander is a 2/3 blend of an aged Flemish ale and 1/3 of a young ale. All this is infused with cherries in huge oak barrels – foeders. You can read about my trip to this brewery here. Too bad I didn’t make a video at the time. It would have been very interesting reports.

Rodenbach Alexander (Belgium, Rousselaar) – 5.6/13.8 Aroma is sour, light cherry and barrel tone. Taste is sweet and sour, full. In the aftertaste cherry with a light stone, barrel, balsamic vinegar and moderate, refreshing acidity. A nicely balanced, refreshing beer. Rated A+.

I would like to point out that in Russia, this is a great example of style, a red Flemish ale, passes under the offensive nickname of “beer drinker”. This is once again to our idiotic laws.

Alexandr Idzhon
Rodenbach Alexander

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