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Sankt Bartholomäus Hefeweizen Hell


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Sankt Bartholomäus Hefeweizen Hell

Before I get to the Sankt Bartholomäus Hefeweizen Hell beer from Privatbrauerei Eichbaum, I’ll digress a little, although on topic. The thing is, the other day, I had an interesting discussion on the Tasty Beer Zen Channel about – are the STM brands similar to the beers of the breweries where they are produced? Or is STM always worse? We were talking about Gralsburg Weizen beer.

It’s clear that the breweries that brew 100500 STMs and their original product doesn’t shine. More accurately, they make an average mass-produced product. As a rule, not expensive. But for example – the same Oettinger, for their money (and in Germany and Russia), quite normal beer. The question is – is it exactly the same liquid poured for STM, or for them are brewed separately?

Economically and practically, it would be right to bottle the same. It doesn’t make sense to do a separate brew schedule, separate containers, etc.. And especially considering that, for example, Eichbaum produces more than two hundred (!) Products – how do you imagine it?! It is easier to put on filling different cans or labels and all.

But, on the other hand – the customer may have a certain requirement. For example, Oettinger Pils for them too bitter, well, and ENS can be reduced by 0.5%. A penny, of course, but one old lady – a hryvnia, and ten grandmas is a ruble!

So why does the taste of STM seem not the best to us? First of all, it is the perception of the brand. For example – the unknown Sankt Bartholomäus or the famous Oettinger. Of course, Oettinger will be better perceived.

On the other hand – maybe really STM was brewed in a “bogus” way? Could it be? Maybe. But I don’t think by that much. More likely the problem is distribution. Proprietary brands are made for large chains and the question of storage, delivery and especially temperature control is not in the first place. So what we get is a mediocre beer that has been abused in every way imaginable.

Let’s go back to Sankt Bartholomäus.

Sankt Bartholomäus (Mannheim, Germany) – 5.2/11.8 This is a Weizen. There may be other styles under the same brand. Brewed at Privatbrauerei Eichbaum. The aroma is banana and tap water. The taste is clean, but flat and empty. In the aftertaste is just as well noticeable banana, but there is no fatness, dryness or sourness. The beer is clean, but very empty. C+ rating.


Alexandr Idzhon
Sankt Bartholomäus

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