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Amstel Fresh beer

The Dutch site Follow The Money accused Heineken of announcing their departure from Russia almost a year ago, but in fact not only didn’t leave, but they are actively working in the Russian market. Regarding this situation, I recorded a video in the series “Foam of the Day”, which caused another flare-up from the adherents of “well let them leave! Heineken’s excuses are curious. One of them is.

As for the release of 61 new products on the Russian market, Heineken explained that decisions about the release is made by the local management team, which is now running the business without the support of the parent company and releases new products to cover costs and maintain the business.

writes the Profebeer website.

That is, the Russian branch, according to Heineken’s assurances, is fizzing something without asking the permission of the head office and brand owners. If Heineken wants to release Zhigulyovskoye, they will! Look how many of Amstel’s lineup they’ve released! They’re not sparing anyone, the bastards! And without Amstel, their Russian business would go bankrupt, because neither Okhota, let alone Bochkarev, can handle it.

In Perekriostok yesterday I found another new product, Amstel Fresh. Poured in a can of 0.33 “slim”. Why exactly “slim” is clear, “thick” can 0,33 no longer produced (also due to sanctions). But why they decided to pour this beer in 0.33 cans is not very clear. This volume sells very poorly in the networks. Maybe they want to position Amstel Fresh as a beer for parties, clubs and other youth hangouts.

Описание на банке звучит так –

Lager with a mild flavor that comes from a blend of light and caramel malts

I’m waiting for mRacketologists to get to the point where they write, “this beer is drinkable because we brewed it with water. They love to take a completely irrelevant fact and put it forward, concocting another nonsense like “natural fermentation”.

Amstel Fresh (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4.2/9.8 Aroma is weak, malty. The taste is really soft, something like southern lagers (not Russian). A minimum of hops with a maximum of malt, though not very sweet. Naturally clean and hollow. I’m not sure that this beer will “take off” in any way, primarily because of the container. Yes, and the taste, does not imply anything new. C grade.

Alexandr Idzhon
Amstel Fresh

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