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Bavarian Law and Gansburg Beer


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Bavarian Law and Gansburg Beer

I haven’t written anything in three days because I was busy at the Bevitec Craft Corner. Thanks to everyone who exhibited their beers there and to those who came! It was great talking to you!

I was walking home yesterday, no one was bothering me, and suddenly, in our neighborhood store, I noticed two new cans. At first I thought that Ochakovo was spoiling, but the beer was in the AB InBev fridge and was naturally their production. While until recently the big breweries mostly developed a line of licensed brands, the appearance of Bavarian Law and Gansburg beers suggests that local brands are not forgotten either.

I wrote about Bavarian Law beer in 2018. Back then it was sold in PET and the label design was very similar to OeTTinger. Lately, I haven’t seen it on sale. Maybe they decided to revive it, or maybe it was only sold in the regions.

Bavarian Law (Russia, Ivanovo) – 4,3/10 From 2018 there is not much to add – empty, clean, malted Eurolager. There are almost no hops, does not differ from its brethren. Rating “C”.

Gansburg (Russia, Ivanovo) – 4.6/10.8 A favorite game of our brewers is to mimic the Germans. Foreign words and spells of “Original Deutsche Braukunst” are our everything! I don’t know, does it work on anyone? Or is it immune?

A slightly denser version of the previous one. Claimed to be Hell, but no flowers, no soft malt body, nothing. Also just Eurolager with a homeopathic dose of hops. C Rating.

Alexandr Idzhon

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