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Beer Baltika Author’s Decision Golden Lager


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Beer Baltika Author's Decision Golden Lager

A new product from Baltika – the Avtorskoe Decision Golden Lager beer. It is not quite clear whether they decided to launch a little reformatting of the “Baltika Avtorskoe” line or to launch a separate series? Or will it be a mono-brand? In general, as they say – demand in all stores in your town!

Baltika Avtorskoe Solution Gold Lager in Untappd is declared as Amber lager. The official description promises us:

In the aroma – notes of bread crust and caramel, in the taste – moderate bitterness and a soft malt aftertaste.

Let’s check it out!

Baltika Author’s Decision Golden Lager (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4.7/10.5 The aroma is really something like a toasted slice of white bread, and with seeds. Basically, the aroma or flavor of seeds in beer, this diacetyl and is a defect. In this case, it’s more of a reminder of bread with seeds and clearly not a defect. The flavor is indeed mild, malty. In the aftertaste, toasted grain, very light caramel and very few hops.

Overall, everything is as described (which is rare!). You shouldn’t expect anything special from this beer, but it’s obviously not faceless, not Eurolager, and if you like soft, malty varieties like Viennese, you’ll like it. The important thing is to drink it at the right temperature. When it was too cold, I found a little iron in the flavor, and when warmed, a watery dip in the aftertaste. But when I “caught” the right temperature of + 8/+10ºC, everything fell into place. C+ Rating.


Alexandr Idzhon
Baltika Author's Decision

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