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Beer from Reload Brewery

As the saying goes – the way you dress… Let me tell you right away, I did not buy the beer from Reload Brewery, it was given to me by the readers of the blog. What I mean by the clothes is that if I encountered this beer on the shelf among other craft beers, I probably did not buy it. The design is very garish and you have to look at some cans for a long time to understand what’s inside and what are the specifications.

However, Reload Brewery is small, located in Kemerovo, has its own bar and I think that the bulk of sales account for it, plus the local market. There is no sense to bother with some special design, as the consumer already knows the product well and is loyal to the manufacturer. That is to say, it is the very thing that is Kraft Kraft.

Old Fashioned (Kemerovo, Russia) – 7.5/18 Old Ale is a rare style here. Confirmation that a very small brewery with its own bar is more free to choose what to brew. In a small volume and in your bar you can sell any style of beer, but in any larger volume, the same old ale is almost impossible to implement.

The aroma is berry. Sweetish caramel flavor, which is balanced by pleasant grassy hops. Despite the density and strength (which is not noticeable), the beer is easy to drink. Rated B+.

Jam Session [Strawberry + Banana] (Russia, Kemerovo) – 5% alk. Indifferent to smoothies, but liked this one. It’s quite light, no juice and pulpiness, which I think is a plus. Banana in the flavor, and strawberries in the aftertaste. Moderately sour and refreshing. Rated B+.

Reload Back in… (Kemerovo, Russia) – 5.7% alcohol. An attempt to make tomato gose with the taste of “that” juice from my childhood, which was sold in three-liter cans and poured from glass cones in cafeterias and cafeterias. Plus, a faceted glass with salt hardened for eternity and a bent aluminum spoon in it.

Basically, it worked. You drink exactly salted tomato juice (except a little spicy, which wasn’t the case back then). The only overshadowing thing is a slight glandular tinge in the armata and aftertaste. Although, maybe that was the intention, but it seems that in “that” juice was not. Rating for tomato as usual do not put.

Black Ash (Russia, Kemerovo) – 8.2/20 Baltic Porter. Aroma has a bit of wine, wood and toffee. Taste is moderately sweet, rounded, with a creamy undertone. The aftertaste has a bit of burnt, nuts, creosote and caramel. Some may not like the sweetness, but I don’t mind it. A balanced, drinkable porter. Rated B+.

Maybe someday I’ll get to Kemerovo and visit the bar at Reload Brewery. A fine example of local craftsmanship. And the design of labels…  Never mind about them! :)

Alexandr Idzhon

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