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Chuanlang Wheat beer

Not in honor of Uncle Xi’s visit, but for the sake of curiosity, yesterday at Globus I bought a liter can of Chinese beer Chuanlang Wheat from the brewery with the speaking name Xuezhichun (雪之淳). No, I don’t expect anything special from our eastern neighbors for a long time, but the hope to find something at least on the level of their Tsingtao doesn’t leave me.

All the beers from Chinese breweries are something inordinately watery, empty and well if approximately similar to the stated style. The wateriness is understandable – the Chinese, for the most part, do not tolerate alcohol and for them our usual 5% beer is a “string beer”. But the question is, why is this water being brought here?! Who buys it all?!

I found out about the brewery itself – it’s a small local brewery, founded in 1987 and produces 200,000 tons of beer per year. I also tasted some Chuanlang from the Xuezhichun range. It’s a strong, strong-diluted vintage. I didn’t even write about it in the blog.

Chuanlang Wheat (Weifang, China) – 4.1/11. Yes, you can catch a faint banana flavor, but only in flavor. The taste is empty, watery, a little floury. In the aftertaste, there is a slight touch of plastic in this water. Rating of “D.”

The only upside is that it’s a nice looking jar! They say at RusBeer on February 23rd was TOP in sales. Because of the design, of course.


Alexandr Idzhon
Chuanlang Wheat

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