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Lagervar Amber and Weiss from the Lakinsky factory


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Lagervar Amber and Weiss from the Lakinsky factory

The other day, a small “Armenian” store opened in our village. And independent retail, as a rule, is a chance to see something not standard, new on the shelf. And so it is! I bought two beers from the Lakinsky brewery, Lagervar Amber and Weiss.

Lagervar Amber (Russia, Vladimir region, Lakinsk) – 5.2/13 Why it is amber, I did not understand. Color slightly darker than the usual euro lager. Aroma… I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time! Who wants to know what is “raggy” in a fragrance, welcome! It’s the perfect sample! It’s like sticking your nose in a floor bucket. The flavor is malty, sweet. In the aftertaste, rotten apples and a little bit of rough hops mingle with the said rag. It’s almost impossible to drink. If only to have vobla or Chinese “squids” to interrupt all this “bouquet”. Rating “D”.

Lagervar Weiss (Russia, Vladimir region, Lakinsk) – 4,7/13 Clearly not a Weitzen, but just a lager with wheat malt. First tasted it back in January. Seemed bad then, and now very bad. Still the same rag, no banana. The flavor is cereal. In the aftertaste grain, rag and also rough hops. The main difference from Amber – a little turbidity. The grade is also “D”.

Surprised at this beer – who buys it! But there are fans! What is it for?

Alexandr Idzhon

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