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Martin Light Classic and Dark Velvet Beer


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Martin Light Classic and Dark Velvet Beer

I bought the other day at Globus, Martin Light Classic and Dark Velvet. I first wrote about Martin beer from the Krasnodar region, the Martin Aqua brewery, back in 2011. Since then it has been on my radar a few times, but I have not had much desire to try it. Primarily because of the price. Even twelve years ago, I wondered – for what they want more than a hundred rubles! Back then, beer over a hundred rubles was very expensive. Now, it’s just a bit pricey, considering the volume of 0.375.  It’s clear that different imperial stouts and other DIPAs for 300 don’t embarrass many people, but such a volume of ordinary regional beer looks strange.

However, the design is still well on their level. The shrink cap, twist-off cork, minimalist but far from kolhozny design – everything is as it should be! Still, I don’t understand who buys this beer at twice the market price for so many years? But, then, there are fans.

Martin Light Classic (Russia, Krasnodar region, the village of Belaya Glina) – 5.5/12.6 Malty, a little heavy flavor. Taste of grain, a bit muddy. In the aftertaste is also raggy and a little, but rough hops. Indeed – a classic! A classic of regional southern brewing. C- Rating.

Martin Dark Velvet (Russia, Krasnodar region, Belaya Glina) – 8,4/17,2 It is difficult to mark the stylistics precisely. As we can see, it is listed on the label as “Dark Velvet”. To the Soviet “dark velvet”, such as Tomsk or Vyatich, bish dunkel, has nothing to do. In Untappd it is called Doppelbock, which is also not very true.

The aroma of wine, moderate. The taste is quite dry, caramel. In the aftertaste is very noticeable burnt (therefore, I would not attribute to the sides). A bit of a warming alcoholic tone. All in all, not bad for a strong dark beer, but nevertheless quite dull. Rated C+.

The enigmatic manufacturer, which has been taking federal retail chains by storm for years, has premium design but mediocre content.

Alexandr Idzhon
Martin Light

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