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Polaban světlý ležák

Czech Republic

по Djons

Polaban světlý ležák

On the Postřizinský beer website, there is no Polaban brand, but it doesn’t look like an STM. The proud inscription – Pivovar Nymburk is placed on the can between the name and the specification that it is světlý ležák. Nymburk brewery is well known to all adherents of “real Czech” beer in Russia. Even if they have not heard anything about it, they probably bought one of the many inexpensive brands, which were (and still are) full of shelves in stores – various Česká Koruna, Praha, etc.

As a rule, when I see a label or can of that manufacturer, I put the beer back on the shelf. Especially STM, but here I decided to buy something. As experience shows, in the case of Postrižensky beer, you are guaranteed a dirty regional Czech beer, which will differ from the Russian regional beer only by the presence of hop bitterness (and even then, in the case of STM, not necessarily). However, it is precisely for this bitterness that some people like it for some reason.

Polaban světlý ležák (Czech Republic, Nymburk) – 5/11.8 Aroma is malty, a little honeyed, with a slight raginess. Taste also malted, full. In the aftertaste noticeable, but rough hops and bog. All in all, nothing new, all to be expected. Rating of “C”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Polaban světlý ležák

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