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Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell


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Schneider's Bayrisch Hell

Recently, in a conversation, someone told me – now the topic of Hell is on the rise, even the well-known Schneider’s, which specializes only in Weizens, have released Hell. Yes, I’ve seen Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell on the shelves, but for some reason I never bought it (I don’t know why). And since it came up, when I saw this beer in the Globus store, I picked it up.

I must say that Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell is a separate project of Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn brewery. It’s even a separate brewery, located fifty kilometers farther up the Danube (although, the counter-ketch says Kelheim).

Hel was brewed at Schneider brewery from 1928 to early 1980s, and since throwing away the archives is not in the tradition of the Germans (unlike Russian brewers), it was not difficult to find his recipe. In those days, this beer was called Schneider’s Urtyp. Brewer Hans-Peter Drexler adapted the recipe to modern realities. Three generations of Schneider also took part in the Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell project – Georg Schneider V (who brewed the beer when Helles was still in production), the current head of the company Georg Schneider VI and their 25-year-old successor Georg Schneider VII.

In the German market this beer is called Schneider’s Helles Landbier. Landbier is a stretchy term, but in this case, it means that the beer is brewed from local ingredients. Schneider’s Landbrauerei project is aimed at developing the local market and maintaining traditions.

Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell (Germany, Kelheim) – 4.9/11.7 Pleasant malt aroma with floral notes. The taste is clean, full, malted. In the aftertaste also some flowers, white bread and a subtle pleasant hop. Well balanced, almost perfect helle. Rated “A”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Schneider's Bayrisch Hell

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