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Three Capitals Original Beer


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Three Capitals Original Beer

The new store in our village continues to “please” with regional beers. Three Capitals Original is a creation of the notorious Ryazan brewery (aka RPK Khmeleff). The name refers to a local saying – “There are only three capitals in Russia – Moscow, Ryazan and Lukhovitsy. In Lukhovitsy on the idea should brew exclusively cucumber gOze, but for the other two cities, you can not say for sure.

Khmelev’s beers have always had an amazingly sterile taste. All sorts of “Russian Classic” and “Khmelyoff Light” (by the way, if this is a “Russian brewing company,” then why the name in the American manner, with two letters F, instead of B?!) in their emptiness would give even the transnationals a head start. Let’s see what’s wrong with Three Capitals, because it has god-awful rice in it, which is supposed to give a “mild taste”.

Three Capitals Original (Russia, Ryazan) – 5/12 Smell musty, malty. Taste sweetish. In the aftertaste of apples, although the aftertaste itself is very dry, but unpleasant. Hops naturally hard to notice. Rating of “D+”.

It is strange that this beer has so many defects. Perhaps the storage conditions were not right. But, in any case, to drink this beer does not want to.

Alexandr Idzhon
Three Capitals Original

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