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Turmherren Landbier


по Djons

Turmherren Landbier

Turmherren Landbier is a beer from Kaiser Bräu, which is well known in our market. It is sold under its own brand as well as under numerous CTMs. The most famous in our country are Veldensteiner, Liebenbrau and Echt Veldensteiner.

Turmherren Landbier (Germany, Neuhaus an der Pegnitz) – 5.4/12.5 There are suspicions that this is all the same Echt Veldensteiner Landbier. The specifications are the same, so is the flavor profile. Only here in the aroma added sunflower seeds, but if you breathe the beer, they are gone. Otherwise, it’s a nice dunkel. Coffee, slight ashiness. Moderately dry, though a mild flavor. A bit of raisin in the aftertaste. Rating of “B”.


Alexandr Idzhon
Turmherren Landbier

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