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Beer from Alternative Brewery

Let’s get back to Russian craft beer. The beer from Alternative Brewery was brought to us by Lena Osokina, for which I would like to thank her very much! The brewery is located in Pushkino, Moscow region. I hope in the near future me and Pavel Egorov will go there and shoot a video and a photo report. In the meantime, I will just try their beer.

Bitt Flow (Russia, Pushkino, Moscow region) – 5.2/12.5 The style of this beer is IPL. When you open the can, a powerful aroma of hops spills around. The beer is very aromatic. But, there’s a nuance! The hop aroma is more into grass, but with a pretty strong hint of oxidized hops. Here’s just plain old socks as they are. The same problem is in the aftertaste. If the beer is cold, it is not so strong, but a little warm and the defect becomes noticeable.

As it should be IPL, rather bitter, but because of this you get dissonance. Bright aroma, strong bitterness, and no body. Very watery. Rated C.

Stereo Sonic (Russia, Pushkino, Moscow region) – 6.5/15.8 West Coast IPA. Quite a powerful beer. Aroma and aftertaste of tropical fruit and pine resin. The taste is full, sweet, caramel prevails. Bitterness is strong, but basically balanced by sweetness. Rating of “B”.

Dusk Buzz (Pushkino, Moscow region) – 8/22.5 Claimed as a RIS. Aroma of burnt, cream and milk chocolate. Taste sweet, sugary. In the aftertaste all the same milk tones, chocolate and for some reason smack of wort. Not quite a classic RIS. Pretty sure either lactose or vanilla was added. Wouldn’t say bad, but wouldn’t call it balanced either. C+ rating.

No major flaws in the beer from Alternative Brewery, but there is an imbalance of flavor. Looking at my previous Untappd records, I noticed that I also noted this point.

Alexandr Idzhon
Alternative Brewery

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