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Beer from Magic Mess Brewery


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Beer from Magic Mess Brewery

Two beers from contract brewery Magic Mess – Rams and Sweetie Moo. The brewery is brewed in different breweries and has produced as many as 78 beers so far! That’s not a small number for contract brewers, in the sense that contract breweries don’t live long right now. It is difficult to compete with “real” breweries, both because of the price, and because of the various restrictions that contract brewing imposes. And the main thing, of course, is sales!

Magic Mess Rams (Russia, Veliky Novgorod) – 7.5/17.5 Brewed at Brewmen Brewery. Style NEDIPA. The aroma is soft, with citrus and pineapple. That it’s a double NEIPA can only be guessed by the numbers on the label and the slightly higher density, lingering in flavor. Otherwise, all pitko, alcohol does not show itself in any way. In the aftertaste a slight herbaceous bitterness. The rating of “A-“.

Sweetie Moo (Russia, St. Petersburg) -6/17 Brewed at the “Spicy Hop” brewery. Milk stout. In the aroma of chocolate, a little bit of burnt and cream. The taste is soft, creamy. In the rich aftertaste of creamy plonk, coffee and tobacco. Very tasty!

What lies behind the name “spicy-flavored raw materials” in the composition is not very clear. But, I’m cool with all sorts of concentrates and flavorings. If the beer tastes good, why not? And this one is really good. Rating of “A-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Magic Mess Rams

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