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Ether – beer for Glavpivmag


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Ether - beer for Glavpivmag

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the Glavpivmag project. It started out as an ordinary bottling house in Bibirevo, but now it is one of the iconic craft beer bars in Moscow. For a beer store or bar, eleven years is a very serious age! So Evgeny Fedotov (owner of Glavpivmag) is doing everything right. I had a little interview with him on my channel a few years ago.

Yesterday there was a little party dedicated to the beautiful number. Evgeny gave us his taps to loot, and also presented a beer brewed for the birthday of “Glavpivmag” together with “Velka Morava” brewery.

Ether (Russia, Moscow) – 9,4/23 It is declared as Barleywine in English style. The aroma has a bit of caramel. The taste is full, enveloping but not sweet. Despite the high alcohol content, it is well hidden and the beer is great to drink. Caramel, nuts, malt in the aftertaste. An excellent barleywine! A Rating.

Some of the attendees wanted it to be a little stronger (12-13 degrees), but then it would lose its drinkability. Eugene said that it was meant to be like that – “Ether” you can drink not just one, but two or three glasses. I could not agree more! I like and respect that approach very much!



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