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Koblenzer Bräu Hell and Weissbier


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Koblenzer Bräu Hell and Weissbier

The Koblenzer Brauerei, like many others, likes to brag about the year of its foundation. It dates back to 1689, when the Alten Brauhaus brewery was built in Koblenz. Neither the brewery nor even the building exists anymore, but for some reason it is believed that the history of the brewery dates back to there.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the brewery was resold more than once, bought other local breweries, moved and changed names. Apparently, the sorrows of both World Wars bypassed it. At least nothing is said about this stage.

In 1970 the modern Koblenzer Brauerei brewery building was built, with a huge fermentation hall. 72 meters – the tallest in Europe at the time. In 1992, the brewery was sold to the Karlsberg Group (not to be confused with the Danish Carlsberg) and in 2010 the trademark and national distribution rights were transferred to Bitburger Holding, although the brewery itself remained with Karlsberg.

In 2012, the plant was sold to a group of local entrepreneurs and is now owned by local residents. Apparently, this is how it was saved from closure.

Koblenzer Bräu Hell (Koblenz, Germany) – 4.5/12.8 Pleasant malt aroma. Mild, slightly grain flavor. In the aftertaste floral hints. There is a little bit of a glandular tone, but after letting the beer breathe, it goes away. Overall, a very pleasant, soft helle as it should be. The bitterness is very subtle, but the beer does not come across as sweet. Rating “B”.

Koblenzer Bräu Weissbier (Koblenz, Germany) – 4.5/13.6 Interestingly, the back labels on both bottles are in Polish. What’s more, the Weizen has the strength on the label as 4.5%, but on all websites as 5.1%.

The Weitzen itself disappointed me. The banana flavor is there, but that’s where all the positives end. Unpleasant sourness in the taste and wet cardboard in the aftertaste. Rating of “C-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Koblenzer Bräu Hell

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