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Krušovice Svetle Royal beer


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Krušovice Svetle Royal beer

Pasha Egorov is right – it seems that the beer giants “leaving” the Russian market are trying to leave more of their legacy behind. More and more they are launching new brands, as well as expanding the lineup of existing brands. Again, if it weren’t for Pasha, I might have passed this beer by. He was the one who told me – see Krušovice in a different can, it’s not a design update, it’s a new beer. And then the other day I saw it – Krušovice Svetle Royal.

In Untappd, the barcode identified it as Krusovice Svetle 2019, which is fundamentally wrong (as pointed out to me in the comments). But, people post there and I listed it as that. Then a moderator will probably correct it. I was too lazy to start a new variety. Yes, and third-party users can not add a barcode. This is the prerogative of the manufacturer. So, let it be as it is.

Krušovice Svetle Royal (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4.2/10.3 Stylistically, this is closer to the Viennese beer. Especially since the composition also contains caramel and dark malt. The color is light amber. At 10.3 ENS, the taste doesn’t seem hollow or watery. There’s a bit of caramel in the aroma and flavor. Everything is clean and simple, but the dry aftertaste balances out the caramel tone quite well. Overall, the beer is not repulsive.

Perhaps (my personal guess), Heineken wanted to make a competitor to Khamovniki Viennese, but “on the minimum. Perhaps for those to whom Khamovniki seems too bright and malty (and for sure there are such people), for whom the less flavor the better, Krušovice Svetle Royal will do fine. Rating “C+”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Krušovice Svetle Royal

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