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Matz Lager Beer by Kotayk


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Matz Lager Beer by Kotayk

Do you want to drink a beer brewed for your friends and born in Europe? Here it is – Armenian Matz from Kotayk brewery! Armenians are certainly hospitable people, so you can’t argue with the first statement. Is Armenia part of Europe? Geographically, no. Culturally, most likely, yes. But it’s good that they didn’t say “in the heart of Europe.

I bought this beer in the “Globus” store for a measly 130 rubles! What do you want? Imported beer! See, again, it’s written on the can, “Premium Import”.

Matz (Abovyan, Armenia) 4,5/10,5 Aroma of wort and a little honey. The taste is sweet, heavy, despite the 10.5% ENS. In the sweet, grainy aftertaste has some coarse, grassy hops. Hops do not save the situation, they do not balance anything, but make the beer even less drinkable. The main defect of Armenian beer, the tainted aroma, is not noticed, as the beer is in a can and this is clearly to its advantage. C- Rating.

Alexandr Idzhon

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