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Nörten-Hardenberger Weizen

Untappd states that Nörten-Hardenberger Weizen is brewed in the Martini-Brauerei, but this is not true. This brewery no longer exists.

The Martini-Brauerei was founded in 1859, when Adolf Kropf, a native of Bavaria, opened the “Bavarian Beer Hall” in Kassel and served beer under the brand name Martini Bräu. In 1895, due to the increased production volume, the brewery moved to a new building. Unfortunately, during World War II, it was completely destroyed, just like the restaurant. Within a few years, however, the Kropf family restored the company.

It existed in this form until 1992 when it was sold to Henninger Bräu of Frankfurt, who in turn resold it in 1997 to Einbecker Brauhaus of Einbeck. The aim was to develop the umbrella brand Martini and to expand the production of its beer. For this purpose the brewery received a substantial investment (5 million euros in today’s currency). But something went wrong and the brewery was closed in 2015 and production was moved to Ainbeck.

At the moment, almost all the buildings of the brewery have been demolished, and now there will be… Martini Quarter apartment complex with offices, restaurants, etc.. Ring any bells?

Nörten-Hardenberger Weizen (Germany, Einbeck) – 5/11.7 The aroma is more banana tone than banana. The taste is soft, bread, but with a slight acidity in the aftertaste. Banana is in the aftertaste, but not “fat. In general, a simple, unpretentious weizen, which is full of them for 60 rubles in the same “Red and White. Grade “C”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Nörten-Hardenberger Weizen

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