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Okome and Wiedeman beer


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Okome and Wiedeman beer

There is a fashion for light rice lagers. Perhaps the producers monitoring the market and seeing some (probably good) sales of Eboshi Happoshu, decided to play in this niche as well. But the fact is that I bought two beers in a similar style in Magnit the other day – Okome and Wiedeman. And one was made by Heineken, and the other by Bulgarpivo. Interestingly enough, both beers of this style are on sale at the same time in the same chain. I haven’t looked to see if the proverbial Eboshi is there, but if it is, it’s definitely a trend.

Okome (Russia, Ekaterinburg) – 4,3/10,3 A clear glandular tone in the aroma and aftertaste. Empty, watery grain flavor (which is not surprising) and most unpleasant, alcoholic, or at least perceived as alcoholic, tone in the aftertaste. Let, not tasty, nonsensical. Rated D+.

Wiedeman (Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny) – 4.1/11 Why a German name and a European same design were chosen for a Japanese rice lager, only the marketing experts know. Perhaps the beer was first released (with a standard German twist) and then announced as “rice lager. On the other hand – to write “traditional beer” and other incantations and to use rice at the same time… It’s a strange decision.

As for the taste, I liked it better than Heiniken Okome. It smells like rice porridge and there is porridge in the aftertaste, and the rice in beer doesn’t give such flavors. Rice gives softness and sugar (sugar is also in the composition) Not much, but there is and it is not self-inflicted. The flavor is quite dry at that. Yes, a little bit watery, which for this style, the given TTX and sugar in the composition, is quite acceptable and even expected. Lovers of “not bitter” and “not strong” is quite suitable. Rating “C”.

Alexandr Idzhon

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