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Schlappeseppel Weissbier and Weissbier Dunkel


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Schlappeseppel Weissbier and Weissbier Dunkel

Today I took part in a big tasting conducted by Ratingtelling. Fifty (!) samples of imported beer were tasted at the importer’s request. There were both great samples and blatantly spoiled, failing ones. Among all the variety, I noticed a German brewery Eder & Heylands, previously unknown to me. Unfortunately, for “homework” I could only get Schlappeseppel Weissbier and Weissbier Dunkel, not the most interesting thing they have. Helles and Bock, on the other hand, received very high marks. They say these beers are on sale now, so we’ll keep looking.

The Eder & Heylands brewery was founded in 1872. That’s when Friedrich Eder, bought the brewery and restaurant “Zum Ochsen”, which in turn had been operating since 1779. To this day, the brewery is still run by the Eder family.

Schlappeseppel Weissbier (Germany, Grosostheim) – 5.5/12 In the aroma of banana. The taste is dry, bready. Unfortunately, in the aftertaste, in addition to quite pungent for Weissen hops, there is also a slight tinge of plastic. We noted this at the tasting and the same defect was confirmed in a home tasting. Rated “C-“.

Schlappeseppel Weissbier Dunkel (Germany, Grosostheim) – 5.3/12 Dark Weitzen is a very complex variety. As a rule, either everything goes into caramel or burnt, or “dark” tones are not felt at all and there is only color. In this beer, the color is not very dark, and you can catch the caramel tones only in the aftertaste. Yes, the banana is there, but inarticulate and more jerky. Not to say that it is bad, but somehow inaudible. C rating.


Alexandr Idzhon
Schlappeseppel Weissbier

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