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Sunday Easy Pale Ale from And Union


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Sunday Easy Pale Ale from And Union

Sunday Easy Pale Ale is a beer that attracted me first of all by its marketing concept. The entire lineup produced by the brewery (more on that later) And Union is a kind of “week”. Starting with “Monday” and ending with this “Sunday”. There are a few bits and pieces like “Greenday” and “Heyday”, but that’s just the way it is.

It’s an interesting idea. No one here seems to have used it. In the Russian interpretation, “Monday” beer would probably be tomato and “Friday” would be DIPA or imperial stout. Developing the theme, we could make lines with the days of the week in different languages, dedicating them to different schools of brewing. All in all, the idea is good and creative. Plus, the minimalistic but memorable design I like!

Now for the And Union Brewery. It’s a contract brewery, or rather (as they write it) a union of people and breweries. Despite the fact that And Union is listed as a Munich microbrewery, its roots lie in South Africa. That is where the three comrades who founded the project are from.

The ideology of this company is, as usual, a confrontation with “a bunch of embittered old men” (the South African government) and the dominance of boring and monotonous beer. Everything is as usual in craft brewing.

Three friends (again, according to the official version) began to look for a production facility where professionals could brew them decent beer. As the comrades themselves admit – they are not brewers, but “creators”. Branding, design – that’s it.

Nevertheless, the project started in Belgium and then moved on to Germany. Beer was brewed in various small breweries. Thus Brewers and Union was born.

The first bar under this brand opened in the basement of an 18th century church on the historic Ribik Square in Cape Town (“they should have tried it in a machete” (C)). The Holy Fathers didn’t like the word Brewers and it fell off. They should have opened it in Belgium. That’s how the And Union brand came about.

Sunday Easy Pale Ale (Germany, Munich?) – 5.5/11.3 Who exactly brewed this beer is not clear. Maybe not even in Munich. In the aroma and aftertaste hint of green tea and citrus. The taste is malty, clean. There is a sense of aging, since the beer is more than a year old. That’s why in Untappd did not evaluate.

But, when I opened the second can, the fatigue of the beer was not as apparent for some reason. This is quite a good quality Pale Ale. It’s not too bright, but it’s a tasty and balanced beer. I’ll risk giving it a “B-” rating.

Alexandr Idzhon
Sunday Easy Pale Ale

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