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Theresianer Wien and Wit Beer


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Theresianer Wien and Wit Beer

I’ve been writing a lot lately about Italian beers that have appeared on our shelves. As a rule, they are average Euro-lagers, standing out only in terms of price. This has always been the case, though: Italian beers are quite expensive. But, beers from Theresianer brewery are an exception (not the price, unfortunately) – quite interesting.

How much it costs and where to buy it, I can’t say (UP. It’s on sale at RusBir for 237 rubles). These two bottles are from a tasting conducted by Ratingtelling for Byros. In the blind tasting, Theresianer Vienna received one of the top scores. It’s worth noting that it’s not just our opinion. Theresianer beers have won many medals at international competitions, both in Europe and America.

Vienna Theresianer (Italy, Nervessa della Battaglia) – 5,3/14 A beautiful, rich copper color. Aroma of red berries and fruit. The taste is moderately dry and full. In the aftertaste of the caramel, nuts, a slight tartness as from the bone. A great Viennese lager! It is worth noting that in Untappd its rating is only 3.23. How else?! How can you give a high rating to an ordinary Viennese lager?! I do. A rating of “A”.

Theresianer Wit (Italy, Nerveza della Battaglia) – 5.1/12.5 Very decent blanc! Everything in its place. Soft and at the same time bright, will shut up half of the Belgians (about them tomorrow). The coriander comes first. It is powerful, but without extremism and kinks. There is also citrus in the aftertaste. Rating “A-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Vienna Theresianer

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