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Varnitsa Buggel IPA

I first tried the Buggel IPA beer from Smolensk Varnitsa back in 2016. Back then it was only on draft, or at least that was the only way they sold it in Moscow. And the other day I saw it in a bottle. I remembered that there was nothing particularly interesting about it, but I took it to try it and see if anything had changed.

Varnitsa Buggel IPA (Russia, Smolensk) – 6/14 And no, nothing has particularly changed. Almost no flavor, empty watery taste with light caramel. Rough bitterness (which is somehow separate) and it is clearly not enough for IPA. Something incomprehensible. For whom it is intended, it is not clear.

Lovers of “live-unfiltered” clearly will not go because of the greater bitterness than the mass lager, and the fans of IPA all the more. The rating is “C”, not even a plus sign for the absence of defects, as in the last time.

Alexandr Idzhon
Varnitsa Buggel IPA

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