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Beerlao Dark и IPA

Thanks to one of the readers of the blog, I became the owner of two interesting (in terms of expanding beer horizons) beers from Asia – Beerlao Dark and Beerlao IPA. The usual Beerlao seemed to be available in our stores some time ago, but these beers never made it to Russia.

Beerlao, or Lao Brewery Company to be more precise, is a Lao beer company headquartered in Vientiane. It was founded in 1971 and was at the time a joint venture between French and Laotian businessmen. But the beer was not brewed until 1973, with a capacity of 3 million liters per year. The company, then called Brasseries et Glacières du Laos (BGL), sold Bière Lao beer for the local market and simply called “33” for export (to Indochina).

In 1975 the company was nationalized (what else could you expect from communists?!). In 1995, Bière Lao was renamed Beerlao. In 1993, with the advent of the local NEP, a joint venture was created. 49% was owned by the Lao government and 51% by foreign investors . The production capacity was 20 million liters per year.

In 2005 there was a change of ownership. Carlsberg Group acquired 50% of the company. In 2007, Carlsberg Group increased its share to 70% and the Lao government retained the remaining shares. Lao Brewery Company’s local market share is a modest 99%.

Beerlao Dark (Laos, Vientiane) – 6.5% alcohol. Aroma is weak, slightly caramel. Caramel and the taste is there, but also a minimum. At the same time, quite dry, though watery. In the aftertaste light acidity and a coffee flavor. Rated “C”.

Beerlao IPA (Laos, Vientiane) – 5% alcohol. As they say – “even the most backward strata of the population have already put on jeans. Here’s a Laotian IPA for you! There are hops in the aroma, but in a restrained way. The taste is the same as the dark one – watery. There is a little bit of caramel. Grass, multifruit and sweet citrus in the aftertaste. But also easy and simple. Probably in the climate of Laos or Thailand (where the beer comes from), you do not need more. Everything is simple, clean and not too bright. Rated C+.

Alexandr Idzhon

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