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Every Day IPA by Tarkos

I went to an Armenian store the other day. You can often find something interesting in them. And sure enough – the selection of beers wasn’t bad, but what pleased me the most were the prices! In particular, Every Day IPA from Tarkos was only 70 rubles! Why not take it! I took a few bottles at once, as I had been intending to try this beer for a long time.

From the name it is clear that it is positioned as an Every Day IPA. Why not? Simple, high quality and inexpensive IPAs are not many on the market. And as we can see by the example of Czech Pilsner, Tarkos is active and already competing with such breweries as Volkovskaya, Gorkovskaya and Konix. So, let’s try…

Every Day IPA (Russia, Voronezh) – 6/14 Very beautiful, bright color! Aroma of bright citrus. The taste is a bit candy-like and sweet. In the aftertaste noticeable hop bitterness and just the same citrus (orange zest, grapefruit). A little pineapple. Quite pleasant and really “every day” IPA.

For my taste, the lollipopiness is still a little too much and I would have liked a little drier body. It would have made the beer more refreshing. But, this is purely my preference. Rated “B”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Every Day IPA

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