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Hop Rider Summer Ale

The monkey family at Red and White has arrived. In time for summer they brought Hop Rider Summer Ale, i.e. summer ale. Very right and just in time! Surely someone turns their nose up at “monkey”, but many people (including me) like it. Quite a good flavor beer for the money.

The term “flavor beer” came from the beer giants. I think it’s very accurate and correct. Calling something like that a craft beer is silly. What’s more, it’s like the beer giants are admitting that the rest of their beers are tasteless. But back to Hop Rider, which I’ve written about many times and which needs no introduction.

Hop Rider Summer Ale (Mannheim, Germany) – 5.1/11.6 This beer is listed in Untappd as a Blonde Ale. Brewed with the same Eichbaum. The aroma is weak and somewhat inaudible. The taste is watery, empty. Something musty in the aftertaste, stale grass. A little bit of citrus and hop bitterness, but very little.

The fact that there is a light summer ale – very good, what it is – very bad! On the blonde looks very, very remote. No desire to buy again, no desire at all. Worst monkey of the entire series. Rated C-.

Alexandr Idzhon
Hop Rider Summer Ale

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