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Lidskae Ideal Royal beer


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Lidskae Ideal Royal

I bought Lidskae Ideal Royal beer in Globus. Immediately attracted attention with its beautiful bottle. Apparently, I was not the only one. It was the last bottle on the shelf.

As the official description says:

Lidskae Ideal Royal-a premium beer in the continuation of the IDEAL line, brewed by the heirs of Nosel Pupko, packaged in a stylish bottle in a unique noble blue color that replicates the shape of the historic 1900 bottle. The variety is brewed in the style of a Belgian golden ale, with a rich, sweet flavor, low bitterness.

I’m not sure if the bottle was exactly blue in 1900. Most likely it was brown or dark green, but it looks gorgeous. It’s also not clear about the “Pupko heirs.” Did the factory really contact them? After World War II, the heirs of the factory owner, and between 1920 and 1941 the director, settled in Belgium. Perhaps this is the reason for the choice of the style of beer – “Belgian golden ale”. In any case, it’s better than the usual dull lager.

Lidskae Ideal Royal (Belarus, Lida) – 5/11.4 Aroma sweet, lemonade. The taste is full, caramel. In the aftertaste also a bright shade of lemonade “Pinocchio”. Clearly too sweet and lemonade. The recent German Finest Golden Ale also has a bit of “duchess” in the flavor, but it is not sugary and balanced. This one, alas, is a “C” rating.

Alexandr Idzhon
Lidskae Ideal Royal

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