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Nova Cella Beer by Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle


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Nova Cella Beer by Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle

I bought a beer on FoodCity under the brand name Nova Cella. On closer inspection, it was the familiar German brewery Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle. Yes, yes, the same one that recently “invented beer powder,” deftly rolled all over the media world on the wave of the created haip. It’s not very clear – Nova Cella, is this some kind of separate line of beer or just a re-tooled old one?

All the beers had already approached their sell-by date, so they were sold for 115 rubles. Looking ahead – it did not affect the taste. There are no noticeable signs of aging.

Nova Cella Finest Pilsener (Germany, Neuzelle) – 5/12 Pleasant malt aroma and flavor. Also in the aroma and aftertaste of honey and flowers. After a few sips accumulates noticeable hop bitterness. Overall, a drinkable beer that has a mild, but hop character. Rated “B+”.

Finest Golden Ale (Germany, Neuzelle) – 6,3/14,5 Aroma has a little “duchesse” and citrus. The taste is caramel, moderately sweet. Malt and bread crust in the aftertaste. Not sugary, although there is a sweetness. Rated B+.

Nova Cella Finest Dark Beer (Germany, Neuzelle) – 5/12.5 Aroma is burnt and coffee. There is a moderate amount of burnt coffee. The taste is soft, enveloping. On the larynx feels a bit of hop bitterness for balance. The balance of this beer is great at all! I’ve always liked Neuzelle’s dark brews. Rated B+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Nova Cella

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