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Superfood Beers

New Belgians have been brought into Miratorg stores. Not only beer from Superfood Beers, but several other producers as well. Prices for Belgian are not very low, so I’ve only taken these so far. There are some good discounts on some items, though.

Superfood Beers brewery is located in Mons, claims to be eco frenly and generally supports this bio-organic movement.

LUA – Lucuma/Acerolier (Belgium, Mons) – 4.7/11.8 Blanche with Lucuma and Acerola! To be clear – Lucuma, this is a fruit tree, a type of plant in the genus Puteria of the Sapot family. And acerola (aka Malpighia naked) is a type of plant in the genus Malpighia of the Malpighia family. Anyway, they replaced the traditional zest and coriander with this stuff. What did it taste like? Well… Pretty much the same. I read about the magic lukuma and acerola after drinking a beer and didn’t notice any big difference. Yeah, the spices. It seemed like coriander. Tones of citrus are there too (maybe the lukuma gave it away). A kind of simple blanc and nothing more. If I knew what these very lukuma and aceroloy tastes like, maybe I would have understood how they played here. As it is, no. C+ Rated.

APY (Belgium, Mons) – 5/12.5 Love the Belgian IPA style! Here it’s also spiced up with yuzu (yuzu, that’s a citrus). However, as with the LUA, the traces of yuzu are very delicate. More of an herbaceous tone is felt. A bit of white bread in the aftertaste. The flavor is dry, but watery. Not too bad, but very understated. Rated C+.

Mhaka (Belgium, Mons) – 7% alk. The Russian label says ENS 12% (which can’t be), but I couldn’t find the real value. Quite a decent triple, and of course with the addition of spices (I understand this is a Superfood Beers thing), in this case Maca Peruviana. Maca is known for being a potency enhancer. In the beer, it was supposed to give “a subtle roasted hazelnut flavor and a nice roundness.” Either they didn’t put enough poppy, or I’m too old. I didn’t feel the nuttiness, nor did my blood boil (or maybe I didn’t drink enough?!).

Otherwise, as I said, a good tripe. Soft, bready, with a distinct apricot aftertaste. Plus, a little spice and bitterness. Rated B+.

Alexandr Idzon
Superfood Beers

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