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“Vaska and Wolf” Cream Ale and Imperial Gose beers


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Last Friday, the presentation of “Vaska and Wolf” beer was held at Arma (Volkovskaya bar-brewery). As is clear from the name, the collaboration of two breweries – Volkovskaya and Vasileostrovskaya. Cream Ale is brewed in St. Petersburg, Imperial Gose in Moscow.

Vaska and Wolf Cream Ale (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 5,5/14 The style of Cream Ale is not often found in the assortment of Kraft breweries, and even less so in large breweries. It’s not very bright, but still a bit different from the usual lager or Golden Ale. Mild, malty, but not sugary and tasteless – what’s not “beer for every day”?

Vaska and Wolf did exactly that. The aroma and aftertaste is caramel and biscuit. Mild malt flavor. A little bit of fruity undertones. Hops are very light, but here it is not really needed. Enjoyed drinking at the bar and continued at KleenMayFest. Rated A-.

Vaska and Wolf Imperial Gose (Russia, Moscow) – 6.9/20 Strong version of gose with the addition of apricot, lime, plum, and chili pepper. Sweet and spicy and sour and salty. The apricot can be distinguished. The spiciness is moderate (though, to some how). Interesting, but no more than one drink. Rated “B.”

Alexandr Idzhon
Vaska and Wolf

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