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Wolpertinger Dunkles Hefeweissbier

I thought everyone was used to the existence of STMs, or as they call them “private brands. The importer, distributor, or store chain orders their own brand of beer from the brewery. As a rule, it is the same beer as in the brewery’s standard lineup, but with a different label. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Thus, the seller wants to be somewhat independent of the producer. In order to promote the brand and not to be suddenly at a loss, when a more powerful or more nimble importer seizes the contract.

This is the case with Wolpertinger beer, which has been on our market for a long time. Global Import carries it, it is produced partly by Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei and partly (in the case of Wolpertinger Dunkles Hefeweissbier) by Feldschlößchen Dresden. What was all that about? And to the comment in Untappd, that Germans don’t drink such beer and brew it specially for Russia. Like they make bad beer on purpose!

I hasten to calm down the adherents of the theory – “ours make good beer for foreigners on purpose and evil foreigners make bad beer for us on purpose”. Germans drink the same thing, but under the brand name Fürstenberg or Feldschlößchen. They make dark Dunkelweizen under both the Fürstenberg and Wolpertinger brands. The specifications are the same and I’m 100% sure it’s the same thing.

By the way, at one time they used to brew Wolpertinger under license in Russia, but then they decided that it would be easier or even cheaper to import them from Germany. And the consumer’s confidence in the “real German” (also one of the popular myths) is higher.

Wolpertinger Dunkles Hefeweissbier (Dresden, Germany) – 5/11.3 On the whole, not bad Dunkelweizen, taking into account the complexity and rarity of the variety. It is difficult in that it either rolls into a burnt or caramel, which obscure the banana flavor of Weizen. Or vice versa – there is little “darkness” and it tastes like a regular Weizen.

The only drawback here is a slight wateriness. Otherwise, everything is well balanced. Banana is felt in the aroma and in the aftertaste, but it is accompanied by an interesting touch of caramel, toffee – like Toffifee candies. Rated B-.

The other day there was a blind tasting for an X5 chain and everyone also gave a good mark to Wolpertinger Dunkles Hefeweissbier. However, as I said before – there are not many competitors among Dunkelweizen.

Alexandr Idzhon
Wolpertinger Dunkles Hefeweissbier

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